We balance creativity with logic to build robust yet beautiful experiences

Basov is a multi-talented, multi-award winning bureau offering services that can provide you with a platform to launch or to grow. Let’s have a chat about how our skill set can complement your business.


A brand is more than simply a logo, it is a complete system used to communicate to your audience who you are and things that you do. People interact with brands in a multitude of different ways, across digital and traditional mediums. We can help you create and tailor those experiences.

Logo Design. Brand Strategy. Identity Guidelines.


We live for everything digital. We focus on building websites that provide a human experience that people enjoy interacting with, regardless off how well versed they are with technology.

Wireframing. Web Design. Development. WordPress. Magento.


A user’s experience defines how they perceive a platform or application. Whether it’s on the web or on a mobile device, careful consideration of every detail is vital.

UI. UX. Mobile Apps. App Design.


Contrary to popular belief, print is becoming more popular when engaging customers with your brand. We design breathtaking brochures that people love to hold.

Editorial. Stationery. Annuals & Reports. Print Management.

Our capabilities

Branding & Strategy

We carry out intensive category, competitor, and audience research, synthesizing valuable insights to solve a wide range of brand challenges including positioning, proposition and personality.

We use strategy as a means to craft memorable visual identities that form an essential competitive edge. Clear and extensive brand bibles help our clients to maintain consistency and grow their impact across platforms.

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  • #Style exploration
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  • #Identity development
  • #Visual language
  • #Art direction
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User Research

We always begin by working to uncover and understand our client’s product, business and audience.

By conducting research and interpreting data, we identify project goals, minimise risks, and set our team up for success.

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  • #Analytical data review
  • #User research
  • #Persona development
  • #User flows and journeys
  • #Wireframes

Human Experience Design

We use a highly structured design process that’s been honed through years of experience.

Our process allows us to prototype complex ideas quickly and accurately, that can be easily transformed into fully functional solutions and scalable systems.

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  • #Digital products
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Clients choose to work with us for our courageous visual style and our design led approach to projects.

We’ve been trully privileged to have worked with great people across multiple industries.