Internet hypermarket of furniture

  • eCommerce
  • Furniture is successful Internet hypermarket of furniture. They offer customers a wide selection of beautiful and well-known furniture from Italy, Spain, Germany and other countries.

Sector: Furniture, Interior
Location: Moscow, Russia



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Nadivane Corp. tasked Basov Design to make an ultimate website help to choose the best house furniture wherever you are.


Online store Nadivane began its work in 2010, and confidently took the leading position in the furniture market of Moscow and all Russia. Only during the first year of operation it has been served for more than 10,000 customers. Today, Nadivane is among the top largest online retailers of the Russian Internet and guarantees its customers a high level of quality and service.

What we did

After spending some quality time with the Nadivane Team, discussing and collaborating on what the site structure should be, we worked to get it on paper quickly so we’re all on the same page. With the concept nailed down on paper, we fired up the iMac and be gan the concept’s evolution from physical to digital space. We won’t spend much time to tell how cool was to make this project. Just open the link below and get your own experience.



Our team created a space that gives you the best there is on Nadivane right to your desktop screen and right at your fingertips on mobile devices. Our mission was to create a one-stop-shop for the latest house furniture goods that we have done on 100%. You can check it too.