Ordering food delivery from any restaurant all over the city

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Internet project for ordering food delivery from any restaurant all over the city.

Sector: Food
Location: Kiev, Ukraine

Restoris website



How Basov Design Bureau & Marketing Consulting Group empower the food delivery service in Ukraine. 

What we did

RESTORIS is the internet project which is used for ordering the delivery of food from all Kiev restaurants. Our team was tasked to make the website helps clients to order food into offices fast and easy. We have concentrated into possibility of batch order making. There is no option to waste a time reviewing hundreds of food variants in the new site. User can do that way too, but there is a chance that so much options could force them not to order the food. In the site we implement the “genius” option and propose to user the cuisine he usually orders with the best price and delivery time.


Reducing time spending to choose the cuisine, increasing the average revenue per user, new users and orders and much much more that our client got.

Branding in process

The main goal of branding in this project was to create a stylish and memorable visual concept for the young online project based on food delivery. Likewise, it was necessary to show the diversity of the cuisines that are opened to the user on the other side of the screen. We have identified several directions of our ideas and made a lot of sketches. Six the most interesting ones has been provided to the client.

We have found mutual understanding fast and easily and approved the final results of the logo. It appears like complex of a graphic sign (set of cutlery), company name and tagline. Also, fresh and harmonious color scheme was joined. The visual form is enclosed into a square for better perception and convenient use on any backgrounds. In addition to the logo we have designed business cards, envelopes, folders, letterheads and fax forms. In order that the client could use the received materials easily and efficiently, we have provided him with guideline on the use of corporate identity.

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